Beauty and The Beast (1946) (La Belle et la Bête)

Make up by Hagop Arakelian & Moulouk. M. Pontet

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The make up was designed and created through the combined effort of the film’s make-up artist, Hagop Arakelian, and wig-maker, Monsieur Moulouk. M. Pontet. There a life-cast was made of his face for a ‘lace’ foundation to be fitted over. He attributes the elderly wigmaker with coming up with the idea of three overlapping appliances. At no point is there any mention of a make-up ‘designer’, as there would be today. Marais’ dog, Moulouk, used to accompany him to fittings, and the wigmaker and actor drew inspiration from the animal’s coloring and shagginess.

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Once densely knotted with hair by M. Pontet, the three-piece mask was ready for filming.

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